Film to Digital Conversions

Super8 Film to Digital Format or DVD/CD


We can also convert your precious Super8 Kodak films to DVD or to hard drive digital files (MP4, AVI, or MPEG-2) using our cutting-edge Telecine processes. Using the Telecine method, each frame of film is individually scanned into our computer, which provides vivid colour and resolution, and eliminates the flickering and jitters that are common with Super8 film. A music track of your choosing can also be added. With our Telecine process, you can rest assured that your timeless Super8 films will be transferred with breathtaking picture quality!

Super8 filmYou can be confident knowing that your precious memories will be preserved at the best possible resolution! Unlike our competitors, we only use name brand blank discs, such as Taiyo-Yuden and Maxell, ensuring that any copies we make will play perfectly! We can even convert old faded films with excellent results. In addition to DVD, we can also convert your films to digital computer files such as avi, mpeg-2, or mov, enabling you to edit the footage on your computer.

If you have a large volume of Super8 Film, Slides, Photos that need converting, please call us and find out about our substantial volume discounts at 416-463-2674!